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  • Is it more expensive to lease a computer from Zita Finance than to buy a computer?
    The total rental cost is more affordable for the customer than buying, as Zita Finance takes a residual value position.
  • When does Zita Finance initiate the customer's agreement?
    Normally, it takes 1-3 months to implement IT equipment into your operations. Many customers prefer that all equipment should have the same start and end dates. Therefore, we have established a procurement process where equipment is acquired during a predetermined procurement period, and the lease agreement begins in the following calendar quarter.
  • We have previously been charged Damage Billing when the agreement expires, which feels unreasonable. How do you handle it?
    We utilize a completely independent partner to assess the equipment we receive. It's essential for us to avoid any conflicts of interest in downgrading functional equipment.
  • Am I stuck with the same equipment for the entire contract period?
    You always have the option to change equipment during the contract period.
  • We dropped a phone on the floor & the screen cracked, what happens then?
    With our insurance, you only pay a deductible of SEK 1,000 to have it fixed.
  • Can one return products during the contract period and reduce their rent accordingly?
    Zita Finance can offer a Walk Away option, which means that the customer can return a predetermined number of units. Upon return, the rent decreases immediately in relation to the returned equipment.
  • Does the equipment need to be intact when it returns?
    Yes, because we resell the equipment, it needs to be in good condition.
  • We have purchased computers in the company, but we need better liquidity. Is there a solution?
    Zita Finance can repurchase your existing equipment at its book value. The equipment is then incorporated into a new lease agreement that you subsequently lease. This is referred to as a Sale & Leaseback.
  • We wish to procure equipment from several different suppliers. Is that manageable?
    We act as the company's own IT bank. You decide from which suppliers you want to purchase the equipment.
  • Do we have to have insurance on our products?
    You can use your own insurance that you have for the company. Usually, the deductible is then a basic amount. Zita Finance can provide cost-effective and good all-risk insurance where the deductible is 1000 SEK per theft or damage incident.
  • What happens when the contract expires?
    After the end of the contract period, there are three different options to choose between: Buy out all/parts of the IT equipment at current market value. Extension rental of all or parts of the IT equipment. Return all/parts of the IT equipment.
  • We have bad experience with leasing. The contract was automatically extended & we were stuck for another year. Will this happen at Zita Finance?
    We never extend our contracts more than one month in advance to provide you with significant flexibility. Our business concept is that you should be able to manage the equipment's lifecycle after an agreement period.
  • How do you ensure that we have complete control over our products?
    We have an Asset Management system where you as a customer have total transparency and overview.
  • We want to get rid of old IT equipment. Can Zita Finance help with that?
    Zita Finance purchases existing equipment that is to be phased out of the business. This equipment is purchased at its current market value. Defective equipment that cannot be reused is recycled in accordance with environmental regulations.
  • What is the process of returning the products after the contract period?
    When the products are to be returned, Zita Finance assists with pickup and transportation. The equipment is delivered to our logistics center where we de-identify and erase all the information on them. The equipment is tested and repaired if necessary. An environmental report and erasure certificate are then sent to you.
  • How can we feel confident about getting the right amount of money back for the equipment?
    We utilize the "correct" grading approach, which means that we have an independent partner assess your equipment to avoid any conflicts of interest. Afterward, we provide you with a proposal based on the market value minus our commission. You are welcome to compare the selling price with the grading report, ensuring that you always receive the correct amount for your equipment.
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